Men Traits That Women Find Attractive

Men Traits That Women Find Attractive

In the game of attraction, opposite genders usually have their personal preferences of what makes the other attractive. Some prefer physical attributes while others prefer traits that are more than skin-deep. Here are some features and traits that women find attractive in men.

A Man’s Smile
A man’s smile is one of the first things that can attract a woman. There is something in the way you smile that will make a woman feel comfortable around you. After all, a man with a grumpy face may not at all look that attractive. Having a killer smile gives you some advantage on the likability scale if you have it.

Sense of Humor
The ability to make women laugh is another trait that many women find attractive. Laughter can diffuse any tension and make women feel at ease when they are around you. Women tend to get closer to someone who can make them laugh. It helps them forget about problems or learn to take it easy once in a while and smile at the world.

Ability To Listen
Many women also find a good listener attractive. A man who can listen intently to what a woman has to say is a rare breed. Most are just pretending to listen. Women are good at differentiating between the two. Because men who are good listeners tend to be uncommon, women find them attractive. Having someone who can listen to what they have to say make them feel so special.

Showing kindness is not a weak trait. Conventional male behavior tend to make them think that being kind and sympathetic is not a macho thing. It makes men look vulnerable. But most women find it quite attractive. Showing concern towards others means that men are not selfish. In a way, a certain level of vulnerability in men makes them more attractive in the eyes of most women.

Women also find intelligence as an attractive trait. Men who develop this over the years tend to look more sophisticated and respectable. Women think highly of men who can engage in conversation on just about any subject. Intelligence indicates the level of depth of a man’s personality.

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