Overcoming Rejection

shutterstock_150105752Rejection can be an ego-deflating experience for any man. Prior to it, there is always a good experience involved. During a date or two, you always seem to feel something special that you think the other person would reciprocate. You seem hopeful and happy since you think that she is very friendly with you. However, you might be guilty of over-analyzing things. What you thought was something special was actually not. You try to take the next step, but you end up getting rejected.

Rejection can make you feel like a loser. No one likes to get rejected. It can deal a blow to your self-esteem and confidence. You have confusion and all other things going through your head. The worst case is that you get depressed. But you do not have to go that low. You can try to get back up after the rejection. Here are some tips that will help you overcome it.

Look at it the other way.

Overcoming rejection is all about your mindset. Just because you were rejected does not mean that you become the loser. It is all in the state of your mind. When you get rejected by someone, just think of it as their loss, not yours. They do not get the opportunity to know someone like you better.

Focus on the positive points.

Although a rejection may be considered as a negative experience, there are certain positives that you can derive from it. After every rejection, you will realize that you become stronger. You can get used to feeling sometimes that you eventually think that you can handle rejection better as time goes along. You can focus on this point to develop your character for the better.

Get help for your support group.

There are rejections that are more difficult to cope up with than others. If you think that you cannot handle it on your own, seek help from your friends. Having a support group to help you deal with rejection is a good thing to have around. Your friends or support group are not just there to have fun with. They can also help get you back up when you feel down, especially after a rejection.

Do something to keep you busy.

One way rejection may be more painful than it feels is when you spend all day thinking about it. When your attention is all focused on the experience, then you amplify its effect. In order to avoid this, try to keep yourself busy. Try to do something worthwhile that will keep your mind off the rejection. Try to look for another person who you can devote your feelings and emotions to. This way, you do not give yourself any time to dwell on the past experience. You can easily overcome the effects of rejection better and move on with your life.


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