Questions Men Need To Avoid Asking On A Date

shutterstock_155549606Dating is a chance for men to get to know their date better. Of course, they would want to ask some questions during conversations. However, there are certain things that men should avoid asking women, especially when they seem to get more comfortable with each other during the course of the date. Here are some of those questions.

Have you gained weight?

Questions about weight are usually very sensitive among women, especially if you ask them if they gained some. Many women get hurt easily when you call attention to their weight. Try to avoid asking any questions about weight so that you can avoid getting into any uncomfortable situation during your date.

Are “those” real?

Women are very particular about their looks. Most try to make themselves look better and way more appealing to the opposite sex if they can. Some will usually resort to having a body part done cosmetically just to get a certain look that they want. It hurts when men ask if mention if they are real or fake. Doing so can get men very unpopular very fast. So if you are dating someone, try to avoid similar lines of questioning and try to know your date better by asking other more meaningful questions.

How many guys have you slept with?

While most guys feel proud when boasting about how many women they have slept with, it is the opposite among women. They try to keep this part of their lives a secret. It is very disrespectful trying to ask women how many guys they have been with. Women prefer to keep it a secret and you do not have to know. Besides, you might even be embarrassed if you got an answer you did not expect.

Are you on your period?

Some guys just cannot stand some moody swings women may get into that they try to ask this question. Guys generally believe that women are quite temperamental when they are on their period. But for women, this is a gross generalization that is a bit embarrassing on their part. Not all women are testy during their period. It gets most women angry when guys ask them about it.


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