Reading Your Date’s Body Language

Reading Your Date’s Body Language

The first date is primarily about trying to determine whether your date likes you or not. For many men, it is something that you do not directly asking your date about. You usually try to determine the attraction by looking for signs. Your date’s body language can give you some hints. Here are some typical body language signals to look for and what they can possibly mean.

Frequent Blinking

You notice that your date seems to be blinking frequently. It is a subtle sign that she is attracted to you. She may be hiding her nervousness but frequent blinking will give it away for you. It is a natural response when one feels a bit tense and nervous. Her attraction towards you may be one reason why.


During the actual date, you notice that your date seems to follow your gestures or your tone of voice. She slows down or speeds up according to how you speak. She even follows your gestures and the words you use during conversations. It is a sign that she feels an attraction with you. It is not as if she is doing it on purpose. It happens subconsciously when there is true attraction involved.

Physical Distance

During the course of your date, you notice that she is trying to maintain a certain distance towards you physically. No matter how you try to get close, she veers away a little, still maintaining a bit of distance. That is a sign that your date may not be interested in you. The amount of space or distance she maintains from you tells of her level of interest.

Symbolic Reaching

A universal sign of interest that you should also be looking out for is those instances when your date seems to be trying to “reach out” for you. She may not actually go out and touch you directly. The positioning of her hands may tell you something. For example, when she puts her hand or arm resting on the table rather than close to her side, then it might be an indication that she is subtly trying to reach out for you. It is a sign that she is very interested in you. However, when she hides her hand below the table during your dinner date, this may indicate a lack of interest in you.


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