Restaurant Tipping Guide

restaurant tipGoing out on a date can be complicated for some people. Some of the things may not just involve the date itself but the whole process. And sometimes there are some minute things during date that just would put guys in some precarious situations. Take tipping for example.

Although going out often has been a common affair, a lot of people still may not have caught up the idea of proper tipping at different establishments.

For men going on that all important date, tipping the waiter can put him in a very trying situation, especially if he doesn’t know the proper way to do it.

Here is a simple guide that can help you practice the proper tipping etiquette so that it no longer would be that much a concern for you the next time you go out on a date.

Valet Parking

The most important dates usually happens in fancy restaurants. In most of these fancy restaurants, there are always valet parking provided as a convenient service for both you and your date. This type of service offered may require a tip as common practice.

The usual tips to parking attendants is at least $2. but it should not be given upon handing the attendant the keys. The tip should be given after you pick up your car, after your fancy dinner inside.

Coat Attendants

It is also common practice to tip coat attendants if there are any in a restaurant you are going to. These attendants offer to take off your coat and hang it for you for convenience as you comfortably enjoy the evening with your date. Tips for such attendants should be a dollar per coat and it should be given after you pick up your coat.

Table Hostess

Most fancy restaurants have table hostesses who help show customers the way to their tables. There is no need for you to give a tip to the hostess who guides you and your date to a table. But if you have made a special request from the table hostess that requires you to get the best table in the house or when you wish to move ahead of the wait list line, then that may call for a tip.


This is probably the tip that takes the most concern. Some men just don’t seem to know the proper way to tip. It is common practice that waiters are tipped after the meal has been ordered and the bill arrives. But how much? The usual practice for tipping waiters is putting down from 15 to 20 percent of the total restaurant bill.

This is a simple tipping guide for those still puzzling over how much to give who when going out on a date. So on your next date, be sure to bring a bit more pocket change so that your tipping won’t get you into trouble or even be put-off by your date.

Since you want to give a good impression, then observing proper tipping etiquette may help you show some class when on a date.


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  1. Tipping should come from the heart and the understanding that if you treat people well, people will treat you well in return. I’d say either don’t go out, or go out and tip well – be it with a date or not. Let money flow around the economy.

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