Signs That A Woman Likes You

Signs That A Woman Likes You

For many men, trying to discover whether the woman likes you during a date is important. It can help determine whether another date may be worth yearning for. Attraction is one of the things that men try to look for during dates. For those guys who are new into the dating scene, here are some signs that will tell if a woman likes you.

She unconsciously touches you often.
During a date, you may notice two things about the woman you are dating. It is either she gets closer to you or tries to maintain a certain degree of space. When it is the former, the woman may even go as far as touch you in the arms or shoulders now and again, most especially as a reaction to something you did or said. When a woman does this, it is a sign that she likes you.

She laughs at your jokes.
Humor is something that women like in a man. But sometimes, it does not necessarily work in the usual way. You may be bad at humor. When a woman you date still laughs at your jokes, no matter how lame or cheesy they are, it is a good sign that she likes you.

She asks you questions.
When women like certain men, they tend to try to know more about them. They begin to ask more questions during the date. In the same way, women will also want you to know more about them. They are open to answer your questions, even some personal ones, just as long as the questions are not bordering on the too personal to answer.

She quickly agrees to another date.
One way to know if a woman likes you is to ask her for another date. If she agrees, chances are that she finds you interesting and likable. She feels that she needs to know you better enough to warrant another date.

She contacts you afterwards.
If a woman likes you, she will likely try to contact you even after your date. She may send you a text message or even one on your social network. If she likes you a lot, she may even give you a call or two just to say “hi”.


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