Signs Your Date Is Interested In You

shutterstock_150218129Attraction is one of the important things that men want to know when dating women. Men would really want to know if the woman is even remotely interested in them, even on that first meeting. Although women may not likely to say it out loud, there are other ways men can find out through non-verbal cues and body language. Here are some of those subtle signs that men should try to look out for.

Extended Eye Contact

They say that you can tell a lot from a person’s eyes. In the case of women, those lingering stares you get from them during dates may be a sign of attraction. When women make extended eye contact, it is likely because they are quite interested in what you have to say. Whether it may be of the romantic kind or otherwise, there is surely a certain level of interest you get.

Smiling More

When a woman you are dating smiles and smiles often, consider it as a good sign. That means that she finds you interesting. She likes or feels comfortable in your company. An even more compelling clue that she is interested in you is when she starts laughing often at all your jokes, even the cheesy ones. It may be either that she wants to look polite or she does not want to hurt your feelings. Those smiles may mean other things. That is why you need to look for other clues to try and determine some sense of attraction.

Open Body Language

There are certain types of body language that you can tell whether a woman may be attracted to you or not. You need to look out for positive cues in their body language such as uncrossed arms, open palms, close body distance as well as their body leaning towards you. This body language may indicate that a woman feels comfortable enough to open up to you and banish those barriers during the first meeting. Once they get closer into your personal space, they may be interested and wants to get closer to you.

Frequent Touching

Women who become fond of touching you or her neck, arms or hair often may be showing her interest in you. She is trying to get close to you and gets comfortable enough in your presence to touch you, whether consciously or unconsciously. Women may do this is they wish to establish a connection with you. It may be a good sign of interest and attraction.

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