Telltale Body Language Of Attraction

shutterstock_128666048Meeting on a first date is always a guessing game. A person will try to look for some signs of attraction. This will help determine if the date will go along smoothly or not. The best way to look for these signs is the other person’s body language. Here are some types of body language that will help you find out if your date is attracted to you.

Palms Facing Upward

During your conversations while on a date, try to notice the placement of the hands. If you see the palms on the table facing up, it indicates a level of attraction. A person’s hands on the table with palms facing up is subconsciously showing a level of vulnerability. At the very least, your date may be indicating that she is open in connecting with you. A palms facing down may indicate the opposite, with your date a little bit guarded and not yet that comfortable with you.

Curled Toes

When your date is wearing heels, you may also want to check out the toes for signs. That is because curled toes may also indicate that your date may be acting a bit vulnerable in your presence. She might even be a bit intimidated by you. It may also suggest a definite interest since she is not repelled by your presence. You might consider it a one sign that you have a chance with your date. But you still need to work out your charm to capture her heart.

Shoulders Up

When a woman lifts her shoulders when you are talking to her, it may also be a sign of attraction. Experts call it a “cute” response, an involuntary muscular response when one is in the presence of someone she likes. It is also an action that indicates she wants to get closer with you.

Mirrored Movements

If you wish to make an impression to your date, try a body language trick of mirroring her actions. When she takes a sip of her drink, you also try to take a sip of your drink, too. If she leans back on her chair and you do the same, you are not just mimicking her movements; you are actually trying to establish rapport. It is a principle called isopraxism. It is more common in the animal kingdom where males looking for partners try to make an impression by using mimicry. On a date, when you try to mimic her actions in ways that are not that obvious, it helps to indicate that you are on the same wavelength. If done right, it will make her feel more comfortable having you around. It may even help sow the seeds of attraction later on.

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