Things Guys Include On Their Online Dating Profiles…But Shouldn’t, Come On Guys!

Things Guys Include On Their Online Dating Profiles…But Shouldn’t, Come On Guys!

If you’re on a dating site and there’s a box marked  “I don’t want children”, don’t check it unless you really, really, really, really never want children. And that should be because you have a chromosomal disease. Period. Not everyone you interact with online will want to mate with you. Likewise, not every woman online is dating to find a sperm donor. Maybe don’t rule it out yet? We’re just getting to know each other. Also, why do you hate children?

“I’m not looking for anything serious,  just seeing what’s out there and having fun.” I’m sorry, was I coming on too strong by looking at your profile? Also don’t tell me what I do that bothers you yet (“I don’t want someone who needs to hang out 24/7” or “I need someone who doesn’t have roommates”). I’m already tender.

Guys, please pay attention to these online dating profile don’t s. I promise you will get a lot further in your dating life just by cutting these simple don’t s out.  Seriously, even if you are on a online dating site just to have fun, meaning that you are not looking for a real relationship, DO NOT SAY IT!  When girls read statements like that, they read PLAYER and want nothing to do with it. Also guys I want to add, never put up a picture of just your eyeball! I do not understand this and it gives me a creepy feeling.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo


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