Things Ladies First Notice In Guys During Dates

shutterstock_95110498Dating is all about making impressions. This is where attraction starts and relationships develop. Guys trying to make a good first impression need to know about what the ladies may notice first during the initial meeting. Most women may generally notice the same things about the guy during that first date. Here are some of them.

Hotness Level

The first thing that women notice is the guy’s overall hotness level. Physical qualities can be noticeable from afar, making it one of the very first things most women tend to notice. Having a model physique certainly can work wonders for men in making a good first impression.

How Guys Dress

Most ladies also notice how a guy dresses during that first date. Most women have a particular look that they expect from the guys and it is one of the first things they notice. If the guy comes wearing something that is far from what the date expected, then it may create a bad first impression when the two meet.

A Guy’s Manners

Another thing that many ladies may first notice about their date is the manners he conveys. Even if the guy has that model looks but also has an obvious lack of manners, the ladies may lose interest. Being rude is always the best way to instantly make a bad impression among the ladies. It is one thing that many guys should try to consider before meeting on that first date.

Sense Of Humor

Many women definitely like men who can make them laugh. It is one of those skills that many women find highly attractive in men. It is no wonder it is also one of the things that they first notice when they meet with guys.


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