Things That Turn Women Off

women turn offsAside from knowing what women want, you should also be aware of what steers them off from your direction. Here are some things that would definitely turn them off.

Flirting with other women – Even if you are on the dating phase, flirting—or even looking—at other women signify that you are not interested with your date.

Getting drunk, in front of her – You can be really drunk while with your friends watching football, but getting drunk with her can be a little awkward. Besides, what if you vomit?

Talking about ex-girlfriend or ex-wives – Past is past. Your relationship is all about “now,” not “then.” Avoid comparing your present relationship with your previous ones either.

Calling people while on a date – Remember to put your mobile phone on silent mode and not talk to your colleagues when dating her. Remember that you should focus your full attention to her during the date or whenever you are together.

Eating quickly – This is especially if the both of you are eating at the restaurant together. You are somewhat giving a message to the girl that you are in a hurry to get away from her. Take your time and enjoy it with her.

Complaining about costly dates – Ranting on how expensive the dinner is would definitely become your last date with her. Also, please don’t ask her to pay half of the dinner (she would pay part of the dinner if she wants to).

A braggart – Boasting too much about your job, your car, or your educational achievements, would surely bore most women.

Trying too hard to impress her – Complementing too much, dressing up in styles you are uncomfortable with, or lying your way to impress her do not score well.

Talking to much – Men tend to talk more when they are interested towards women, but not allowing the women to contribute to the conversation would be a definite turn-off.

Saying the wrong words – Even if you do not mean it, certain phrases have negative suggestions when asked to women:

Avoid asking questions that involve around her past love interests, such as “How long has it been since you last dated,” “What kind of guy was he,” or “What happened?”.

Looking too ahead with woman is also a bad idea, such as “How many kids do you want,” especially on the first date.

Sarcastic comments towards her would never have her ask for a second date. Do not vent out quotes like “It is dinner, not an interview.”


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