Top Traits Women Look For In Men

shutterstock_60263971People have certain ideals when looking out for a relationship. There are certain traits they want to find in an ideal partner. When it comes to women, here are the top traits that they usually look for in men. This was based on two polls conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and Best Life Magazine. The polls were composed of 1,000 women with ages ranging from 21 to 54 years old.


Around 8 out of 10 women in the polls regard faithfulness as an important trait to look for in men. Women look for the reassurance and that attachment as they go on to start a family.


Men who are able to fulfill what they promised are an important trait for every 3 out of 4 women. Just being responsible and able to do certain things as expected of them can help reassure women that men will likely commit.

Sense of Humor

Women consider funny men attractive. After all, it is one of those traits that they always look for. A man with a sense of humor can laugh at the world even with all the stress and problems around. This can be infectious and can have a positive effect on the women, especially when going through stress.


Women also look for men who pay attention when they are talking. Not only does it indicate that the man is interested, women feel secure having someone who can listen to them at any time they feel like talking about something very important.


Women like men who know about many things. An intelligent man is considered as interesting and someone that a woman will not consider as boring.

Attractive Face

On the physical side, women also look for someone handsome. In the science of attraction, men who have perfect facial symmetry, with the eyes, ears, nose and other features matching perfectly when the face is divided in half, are those who are considered as attractive. Smiling often as well as keeping everything else evened and lined up can help make them look more attractive.

Source: MSN Living

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