Toxic Mistakes Men Make When Courting Women

Toxic Mistakes Men Make When Courting Women

There are different methods men use to court women. These are the methods that they think will be effective in trying to woo women they are attracted to. Some, they just try to follow the traditional ways others have already done. For the others, they try a trial and error method before determining what courtship methods will work and what will not. For those who are not yet decided on a particular method, here are some toxic mistakes to avoid.

Sending Flowers to the Office
Giving flowers is an age-old romantic concept. It is still an effective method in courting women. But the method you do it may affect its effectiveness to create impact. While it may seem surprisingly romantic, sending flowers to where the woman you are courting works may not be the best of ideas.

Sending flowers to where she works can have its initial impact. It surely will surprise her, but not always in the way you would expect. Some women may find it romantic while some may find it a tad too embarrassing. Some women may even think that it may be an impersonal way to show love, having someone else you both do not know hand in the bouquet of flowers. If you do must give flowers, most women prefer that you do it in a more personal manner, not having someone do it for you.

Confessing Your Feelings Too Soon
Some men feel so in love that they cannot wait to show their feelings. The attraction may be too great for them to hold back what they feel. But if you decide to confess what you feel for someone you are still in the process of knowing, you are taking the risk of making a big mistake. Women may find it awkward discovering how you seriously feel for them after two or three dates. They can get confused, especially if they are trying to sort out their own feelings. Confessing your feelings too soon can get them into a situation where they would not want to be in. Chances are, they may likely spur your advances as sort of a defense mechanism if you confess your feelings prematurely.

Being Too Available
For the men who think that making themselves available to women they are courting may be doing it wrong. In a way, it can even lead to women lose interest sometimes. If a woman holds you at her beck and call, she may end up dominating you as well. It will not be a good start for a relationship.

Women play hard to get because they usually would want to determine how serious men are with regards to their romantic intentions. Men, on the other hand, try to play in with the game show women what they are capable of. But it should not always be one sided. Sometimes men also need to play hard to get in effectively woo women. It helps build interest for each other and, in a way build a certain level of respect for each other as well.


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