What Do Women Want

what women wantMen find women a mystery. No matter how many women you may have met, chances are you still do not understand them. But women do have their wants towards their men, and here are some of them.

Confidence – This can be portrayed in numerous ways, from the “preppy and intelligent” guy to the “sporty” type to the “bad boy” image. What’s important is that you are showing to women that you are strong and independent.

A gentleman – Even at this day and age, good guys can finish first. Be that kind of a man who opens the doors for her, that walks on the right side of the street, holds shopping bags for her, offer her your jacket when it’s cold. Real men are respectful of women.

A good sense of humor – Make her laugh and avoid being boring.

A good listener – Women talk a lot, and they need their man to listen. However, listening to her includes answering back to her conversations, saying your opinion about certain topics.

Sensitive – Women want to be treated like a woman, not like a man. Even if your girl drinks beer just like the rest of the boys, she is aware that she would rather be treated like a queen by her king.

Faithful – This may be tough, but sticking with your relationship add big points to her. This means that not only that you should not cheat on her, but also not to delve on your past relationships during your discussions.

A friend, not just a lover – A man may be the best lover, but if he is not the best companion then the relationship would be heading nowhere. Be there for her on her bad times. Be attentive to her needs.

Ambition – Women love men who know what they want and how they get it.

Full of thoughtful surprises – Give her gifts that show you were listening when she mentioned her favorite candy bar, the new CD she wants or when she stopped at that jewelry counter to admire a beautiful necklace. This also include simple tasks like making her coffee.

In good shape – You don’t have to be super-ripped in order to attract her attention. Just be in good health and good shape would surely catch her eye.

A good financial situation – It’s not just because women are after your credit card, but because most women tend to “see their future” with their men. A man with a sound finance is portrayed as the provider of the family.

Be stylish – Just as women are concerned about how they look, they also take concern on how their men dress up. You don’t have to be some fashionista, just a basic knowledge of dressing for the right occasion or mixing and matching the right colors works just fine.


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