8 mistakes on women’s dating profiles

8 mistakes on women’s dating profiles

If you’re shallow, your respondents will be too: Only more so, because they’re men. One profile I came across started out her “About Me” section with three long paragraphs about how hot she is, what her dress size is, and what her physical requirements are for a dude.

If you’re going to be shallow, be more subtle about it; that way you attract someone who meets your physical “standards” but isn’t a total superficial jerk.

Naturally quirky is good; Trying too hard to be different is annoying: Sure, you absolutely want your profile to describe your interests and what your sense of humor is like. That’s why a combination of being sincere while still funny and approachable is the perfect balance.

Don’t over-think it: Remember, your profile is the first impression you’re making before someone ever speaks to you, let alone meets you in person for a first date. And what kind of person do you like to go on first dates with? Kind, smart, attractive, yes, but also fun.

SEXXXY usernames have got to go: You may very well be a sexy lady. I don’t know because I don’t know you. But what I do know is that if you have some version of the word “sexy” in your profile name, you will attract sleaze balls who only want you for one thing.

Here are my favorite rules for online dating mistakes. #1, If you are shallow, your respondents will be too. Listen ladies, it is completely ridiculous for you to say how hot you are and give out information about your dress size and such. A true confident person does not feel the need to explain to her audience how hot she is because she is positive you already know it. Also, we all have requirements for us to be physically attracted to someone. You don’t need to say what they are though. It is not hard to just not respond to the 300 pound dude. Also, I have always preferred a light brown haired guy with blue or green eyes, but because I did not require it, I fell in love with a tall dark haired, dark brown eye guy. He was one of the best boyfriends I have ever had and helped teach me about love. Never close a door to a possibility because of shallow requirements.

#2, naturally quirky is good, but right on when he says that trying too hard to be different is annoying. I think everyone has had an encounter with someone who tries too hard to stand out. Everyone is a individual and has something unique about them. This kind of uniqueness comes out regardless and it is not something you have to try to prove. Your uniqueness is refreshing when it is exposed naturally.

#3 Don’t over think it, my advice is to write something short and fun. If you want some instant attraction, show that you are a fun girl who can’t wait for the adventure of an online date! Once you start dating someone, you can use natural progression to start speaking more about yourself and what they should know.

Lastly, Sexxy usernames have got to go! You are not online to have sex, you are hopefully online to meet someone special. Put forth a name that shows off more than sex appeal. A real man looks for a lady, and promoting yourself with a sleazy sex name is a turn off to a good man.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo


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