Addressing Common Embarrassing Dating Situations

Addressing Common Embarrassing Dating Situations

Dating is fun if it goes well. But there are times when a date is far from perfect. Certain awkward or embarrassing situations can happen. How your date will turn out depends on how you address such situations. Here are some common potentially embarrassing dating situations and how you can address them.

Meeting An Ex During A Date

It can be very awkward when you meet his ex during a date. Do not worry; he may feel the same thing too. Do not try to make it an issue. They might exchange pleasantries or even talk about old times, especially if they ended their relationship in good terms. Give them a bit of time for a moment. And if in case it is your ex you meet, make some small talk if you ended in good terms. But try to make it brief so as not to make your date feel left out.

He Spilled A Drink On You

There are times when a date may be a bit clumsy that he spills a drink into your dress. Remember that it is an accident and can happen sometimes. Although it may be a hassle, do not make it into a screaming match and ruin the date. Just try to head to the bathroom to clean up or cover it up with a jacket or sweater. If you are near your home, you can always take a detour and change before continuing with your date. If you caused the accident, the best you can do is apologize for your clumsiness or try to clean up the spill to avoid further accidents.

Paying For The Bill

There are times when your date may find it awkward just paying the bill. After all, there are women who like to split the bill while others prefer the men to pay for it. Your date may not know the arrangement you prefer, especially during the first date. To avoid any awkwardness, offer to split the bill when it is time to pay up. Most of the time, men will offer to cover for the whole bill, just as what they intended to do the first time. But it helps that your offer can clear out any possible confusion.


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