Are You His Girlfriend?

coupleDating has evolved over the years.  What used to be a long round of courtship, wherein men would wait for the women’s decision to go out with them, has become a series of casual dating.  The problem with this is that you might end up confused as to whether the two of you are already a couple or still into that "dating phase." 

Women tend to be afraid of bringing that topic into their conversation because it might scare the men.  However, it is not right to keep your relationship under a guessing game of "are we or are we not."  Here are some suggestions that women can do to their dates to know their relationship status once and for all.

Get right to the point

Shyness goes nowhere.  Cut through the wild guessing and ask your man what he is looking for.  Does he want a relationship, a friend, a lover, or just "a farm to sow his wild oats?" 

This line of questioning does not scare your man into defining your relationship, but it would reveal what he looks for in a partner.  Listen carefully to how he answers and analyze how you are to him.

Look for subtle signs

Men are not as expressive as women and you cannot force your man to reveal his deeper emotions.  However, men can show if how they value relationships. 

If you want to know whether you are his girlfriend, check out how he treats you.  If he is romantic towards you and at the same time gives you respect, take it as a good sign.

Never use sex as a weapon

It is not about "holding out yourself until marriage" thing, but achieving a fruitful boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is more than just sex. 

If you want to get intimate with your man, do it (with protection, please), but you do not have to prove yourself to him by offering your body.


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