Bad Guy Types To Avoid

Bad Guy Types To Avoid

Relationships can sometimes be a risk. There are times when a woman will not exactly know if the guy he is dating is the right one. It may turn out that he may be a bad guy. There are many types of bad guys that some women may have the unfortunate chance of dating at any one time. Women may be better off avoiding them before the date progresses into a more romantic relationship.  But they need to know how to identify those bad guys.

The Egocentric Prick

Some women are swayed easily by a man’s confidence. After all, a confident man is an attractive man. It is good to have a man with confidence. But there are times when that confidence becomes too much for comfort that a man turns into an egocentric prick.

An egocentric prick is always looking after his needs before your own. So if you are expecting some love and affection from this bad guy, then you are mistaken. This bad guy only wants to be the center of any relationship and everything else revolves around him. You do not become his girlfriend. You actually become his slave. Avoid the egocentric prick if you identify him.

The Boyfriend of Convenience

In the event you find yourself in a relationship with the Boyfriend of Convenience, you realize that you easily get bored out of the situation. Some women try to get into a relationship with a man just for the sake of having someone to call a boyfriend. But sometimes it ends up with the Boyfriend of Convenience.

The Boyfriend of Convenience can actually be a great companion to have. He can be very sweet and caring. He can treat you well on dates. But the sad thing is that you do not seem to feel a spark of romance with him. He may not actually be a bad guy. But if you have him for a boyfriend just because you do not like being alone, you may be shortchanging yourself. You just settle for someone that you do not seem to love. You would be better off dumping your Boyfriend of Convenience for your own sake, and his as well.

The Immature Guy

There are men who just refuse to grow up. They love to follow a lifestyle that other men would have outgrown. Some men still prefer to live with their parents or crash in with their friend like when they were still in college. He loves to live a laid-back lifestyle that it will be hard for women to know if he will ever be serious and responsible in a relationship. While they may sometimes be fun to be with, having one for a boyfriend will only lead to frustration.



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