Characteristics That Turn Off Men

Characteristics That Turn Off Men

Dating is always a ritual of trying to attract the other person. Both men and women do their share in trying to show their most attractive sides. But some cases, there are things that women do that can be a turn off. Here are some of them.

Showing arrogance
Some women can be very confident about themselves. It is a good trait that many men like in many women. But some women may confuse confidence with arrogance, which is a major turn off. Showing off too much confidence can sometimes come out as arrogance. Some women may veer towards this level if they are doing too much to impress. Be careful how you show your confidence or it might just come out as arrogance and turn him off.

Too focused on getting relationship “labels”
Women try to date in order to find out if they are compatible with someone enough to develop a relationship. But in the case with men, this can be a delicate balance. While some men would love to start a relationship, they do not want to be put in a pressure cooker of trying to start a relationship. Unfortunately, some women may have this habit of trying to start a relationship at the shortest time possible. They are too focused on relationship labels just for the sake of the status it brings. Women should instead try to focus on making a connection with men first to see if it is worth establishing a relationship rather than forcing the issue just for the sake of changing that relationship status.

Being too assertive
Some women can go too far trying to show their assertiveness. While it may be a good trait when done in the right way, too much of it can be a turn off. Some women end up looking like a control freak. Women should learn to strike up a balance of when and when not to be assertive in certain situations. After all, most men like to take the lead during dates instead of the other way around.


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