Common Dating Mistakes Women Make

shutterstock_148890461Dating can be an exciting experience of most people. But for those who may be looking for love and romance, it can be a serious undertaking. There are reasons why some people enjoy having successful romantic relationships and others do not. One of them is that some people engage in some unhealthy dating patterns that do not always lead to a successful romantic relationship. Here are some of them.

Dating Men Who Are Unavailable

Some women feel this need to just connect with the opposite sex. Although they do not intentionally try to seek relationships with married men or those already engaged, it just so happens that all the ideal men they connect with are taken. They try to convince themselves that they are not really after a relationship, just a fling. It is not a problem then to date unavailable men. But the end result of all these is that it all leads to heart break and regret. It is a very big mistake to get into in the first place.

Creating Fantasies

Some women try to get ahead of themselves when going on dates. After the first successful date, they begin to create fantasies of how the relationship will blossom. They try to savor the moment and try to envision going out with the guy, introducing him to friends and family, and even to the point of marrying him. They create the illusion that they are already in a relationship when in fact it has not even started yet. The mistake here is that women can get so lost in a fantasy that they put themselves in a situation where they might get emotionally hurt when the man might not be someone they envisioned.

Manipulating Men

Some women make a common mistake in forcing a relationship to happen. When they find men that they will like to date, they try to make plans on how to meet them. It is like trying to create circumstances where men will notice them and make situations where they can entice the men. Some women like to manipulate men in order to date them. This can be a mistake if the men they try to go out with end up to be someone who is just after some fun. Some men try to play into these games simply because that is how they think of it- it is just a game.

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