Connecting On The First Date

shutterstock_147050888A first date can actually be the start of something wonderful for you. You can make an instant romantic connection with the person the first instance you meet. You expect your first meeting to lead to another date. But you begin to wonder why he hasn’t called or invited you to another date yet. Chances are, it is only you who senses that connection during the date. He may not have felt it from you.

Making that connection on the first date is essential for possible romance to ever start. However, you need to make sure that the connection is mutual. You need to establish that you are interested in him. You should also try to make him become more interested in you. Here are some tips that will help you ensure a mutual connection on your first date.

Show him the real you.

Let your date know that you are genuine. Do not try to be someone you are not just because you are desperate to have a relationship with the person. Just try your best to show him who you are. It is up to him to discover whether he likes the genuine you. That is the only way to know if you are compatible. Without it, any relationship will not work.

Let him know you.

During your date, make sure that you let him know who you are. Although you might need to limit what you wish to reveal about yourself since it is the first date, make sure that you at least let him know who you are as a person. You can tell him your likes and dislikes, your work, your college course, where you went to college, and others. Just tell him enough to get him to know you better if he becomes more interested in you.

Let him know what you like about him.

Just as you let him know more about you, make sure that you also try to learn more about him. And as you do, make sure that you let him know what it is you like about him. You need not shower him with such compliments. Just let him know a trait or two that you find likable in him. This will give him a boost of self-esteem that may just clinch it for him to like you.

Do not dwell on the past.

One thing that you must avoid on the first date is making comparisons. Try to stay present and avoid mentioning anything about your past relationships. Avoid comparing him, even in your mind, to your past boyfriends. Try to discover what you like in him than trying to measure him up your previous relationships.


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