Dating a Committed Man

dating committed manTired of week-long "relationships" and dating guys who just won’t commit? Then it’s time to ditch the commitment phobic you are currently dating and look for Mr. Commitment. But how do you spot a committed guy? Here are 10 signs to clue you in:

His friends are married

Research shows that if a guy’s friends are already married, then he is more likely to get married. So check out his friends’ ring fingers and see if they have wedding bands on. That is, assuming he has already introduced you to his friends. Beware if all of his friends are single and very much into partying.

He is financially stable

Research shows that men who are financially secure, and who own a home are more ready for marriage. For them, marriage is the next practical step.

He pursues you

A committed guy will initiate doing things with you and not the other way around. If it takes him forever to return your emails, messages or calls, then he is not the guy you should be chasing.

He is willing to wait

We already know this, but research backs us up, saying that a guy who gets to know you first before he gets intimate is more likely to commit.

He keeps you company when you are sick

taking care of you when you are sick means he’s just not in it for fun and for the sex. If he id there for you when during down time, then it’s a sign that he’ll be there for you through thick and thin.

He gets to know you family and friends

A guy who isn’t afraid to commit and who thinks long-term wants to really get to know you better. He wants to see you with your family and friends so he’ll know where you are from and who you are. But then of course, he wants you to get to know him too. He will want to see how you will interact with his famil and friends and see and if you will fit in. A guy who won’t let you in – who won’t introduce you to the important people in his life – is not serious about you and your relationship.

He says "we", not "me"

If after dating for sometime, he still uses "I", "me", "my" then he is still not ready to commit because he obviously still thinks in "single-guy" terms. But if he uses "us" and "we", then that’s a sign that he’s committing to you on a deeper level.

He’s not afraid of compromise

A guy who is ready to commit will ask for your opinion, consult you about important decisions he has to make, and meet you half way. In contrast, a guy who is not ready for a serious relationship wants everything his way, and is not willing to or is not ready for the compromise which is an important part of a mature and serious relationship.

He doesn’t need excuses

Commitment phobics always comes up with lame excuses why he can’t meet your family on Saturday, why he can’t be with you this weekend, why they they don’t return your calls, and above all, why they are not ready for a serious relationship right now. A committed guy will give you none of that. He’ll just be with you.

He likes being in a long-term relationship

A committed-ready guy enjoys your "couple time", is done with partying and has a strong sense of family. On the other hand, a commitment phobic yaps about taking things slow, needing his space, makes you feel like you are a burden. The sooner you accept the fact that some men prefer being in a serious and monogamous relationship and some prefer to have fun and party, the better – and the sooner you can get start searching for Mr. Commitment.


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