Dating A Father Figure- Good or Bad?

Dating A Father Figure- Good or Bad?

Some women prefer dating father figure types. They search for partners who can protect and make them feel more secure. Some women just want to feel that they are safe in a relationship. A woman may feel that dating someone who has traits similar to her father may be the best approach to having such a relationship. However, there is more at stake than just feeling safe and secure when dating a father figure type.

A father figure type of guy may not just have similar traits that women usually see and appreciate from their own fathers. Sometimes, women really just want to be controlled. In this case, dating a father figure may not always lead to a happy relationship. Giving some guys this level of authority is inviting possible abuse. Here are some signs that a father figure type of date may not be a good thing.

He is a constant critic.

No matter how you try to please your man, he still tries to find something about you to criticize. It may start out as something trivial or mild. It may be the little things such as saying the clothes you wear are not good on you. He mentions that your hair is too long or too short. But as the relationship progresses, the criticisms become more serious. It may turn into biting remarks about your personality or emotions.

He always has the last say.

Father figure types relish the level of authority women may give on them. And because of this, they try to assert it in many ways possible. They always should have the last say on everything concerning the relationship. Whether it is financial or where to go on the next vacation, father figures always need to have the final decision.

He is the rule-maker.

Many extreme father figure types also has to have control over what keep the relationship going. They usually are the ones who make the rules. Some women are forced to follow them without question. Sometimes it keeps the relationship strong or grounded. But most of the time, it is unfair on the side of women.


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