Dating a Football Addict

football coupleOne aspect about men that women cannot seem to understand is their fanaticism over sports, especially football which is the number one spectator sport in the United States. You clean the mess your partner makes while watching Monday Night Football and you still wonder what makes a sport featuring 22 oversized men appealing.

It has something to do with men’s personalities. They do not usually express their emotions, but they find an outlet in the football field (or any playing field for that matter). Players have danced, screamed, tumbled, and hugged their teammates after a hard-earned touchdown, and those expressions of strong emotions can spill over to the spectators.

Also, psychologists have concluded that people who have a strong affinity towards an athlete or a sports team are more likely to have higher self-esteem, a truer sense of community, lesser bouts of depression, and more likely to become more sociable.

So how are you supposed to deal with your football-manic man? Here are some helpful suggestions.

Let him watch the game

In fact, watch a football game with him. Sport is one of the few times your man can be really enthusiastic, excited, or emotional, and these qualities are the ones women sometimes ask for their men.

Ask him what the game is about, a rule that you do not understand, and most especially his favorite football team. Soon you may learn to enjoy the game and may become a bigger fan than he is.

Do not try to learn everything at once

Football can be confusing if it is the first time you watch the game, and it would become more confusing if you insist on learning all about the game at once. While watching football, ask your partner sparingly about rules that you completely do not understand.

If you still have queries after the game, maybe it would be better to research about it on your own (either through the Internet or by friends). Remember to show your interest in learning about football.

Root for a favorite team

Your favorite football team does not have to be the one your partner is rooting for. You can choose your team either because they win a lot or because you cheer for the underdogs.

However, even though you may be rooting for a rival team of your man, that does not mean you have to become rivals when watching the game together.

Pick a favorite player

Every football fan has a favorite player and so should you. The reasons for choosing a particular player can range from his skills, his looks, his personality, or anything that is inspiring of him. You can also try to research about his schooling, family life, and pre-pro football career.

Plan your football activity ahead of time

Try hosting a party for your man and his friends (with their wives in tow, if possible) as all of you watch a do-or-die game. You can also try tailgating, wherein football fans gather at the back of a parked truck and feast on barbecues and kebabs grilled on the spot.

Try talking about football

It does not have to be all the time. Look up to one football-related topic and ask your man about his thoughts on the matter.


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