Dating Father Figure Types

Dating Father Figure Types

Women are attracted to different types of guys. Many women seem to pull towards to certain types of men. A large factor behind this attraction stems from how women were brought up. It is not surprising therefore, that some women are attracted to father figure types.

There are women who prefer dating a guy with certain traits that remind them of their fathers. Sometimes, these traits that attract them are not always the good ones. There are women who are attracted to guys who exemplify some of the bad traits they noticed from their dad. It seems that subconsciously, women find it comforting enough to see certain traits and habits in men that that they have grown accustomed to seeing from their dad.

How to Know?

Even when they do not meant it, some women end up dating men who are just like their father in one way or another. The best way to know is by really getting a deeper understanding of their father. This goes beyond the physical traits. Women should also try to list down those paternalistic qualities, both good and bad, about their father. Try to see the parallel traits, if there are any, between a date and your father. If any similarities come up, then you may be the type to date father figures.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Dating father figures may have their benefits and drawbacks, depending on the underlying reason behind the attraction. If you are dating the father figure type based on your father’s good qualities you see in men, then you are in a good spot. It shows that you cherish these qualities and constantly look for them into your relationships with men. It is also a way for you to always relive those fond experiences while growing up.

But at the same time, dating a father figure may also have its drawback in the relationship if the attraction is based on a father’s bad qualities. Women who have grown accustomed to living with a father who is an alcoholic, abusive or distant also tend to find men with similar qualities attractive. This can have a destructive impact on relationships women try to develop. It may lead to an abusive relationship that puts the woman as a willing victim, consciously or subconsciously.


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