Dating Prospects You’re Better Off Without

shutterstock_145583497Dating can lead you to meet up with men with different personalities and characters. While this can be quite an exciting time, it can also become frustrating. You go out dating in hopes to find the perfect man in your life. You are looking for someone you can start a relationship with. But  not all the dating prospects you meet can just qualify like that.

There are times when you need to make instant judgments when you are weighing in on your dating prospects. Although you might sometimes feel that you need time to get to know them, there are some prospects out there that are just not worth your while. You will be better off getting rid of them when you sense something that you know won’t be a perfect match for you. Here are some potential dating prospects that you are better off dumping than waste your time on.

The Mama’s Boy

There are men that can stand up for themselves and there are others who can’t. A mama’s boy is someone who just can’t make decisions all by himself. He relies too much on his mother even at his age and just can’t seem to get out of it. If you perceive a date to be someone being a mama’s boy, then it is a good decision to stay clear immediately. You risk competing for his attention with his mom down the line if you don’t. That will be a big obstacle to overcome.

The Narcissist

Having a guy who just thinks about himself during a date may already send warning signs your way. You have a date that tries to dominate the conversation and talks about himself all of the time. You are dealing with a narcissist who puts himself first above anyone else, including you. You will be dealing with a guy who will care less about you or your feelings. It is not a good way to start a relationship, to be with someone who would rather call the attention to himself and nothing else matters. You are doing yourself a favor staying away from such dates.

The Pimp

The world is full of men who think less of women. They have this belief that men are the superior gender and do not offer the same respect to women because of this. He treats women like slaves or as someone who will do his bidding. Such men do not want partners. They want someone to assert their authority with and make them feel like a king. If you do not like to be treated like a low-life, then you need to avoid such guys.

The Pessimist

There are men who just see the clouds out of every clear sky. These guys always see the negative out of every situation. They feel that everything bad is bound to happen and that is normal for them. Men who think negatively all of the time can become quite a burden. You can easily get sucked into all the negativity that you begin to feel the same way over time. It can be a depressing issue someone with this type of perception on the world. If you are someone who likes to be always happy, then try to avoid dating a guy of this sort.

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