First Date- The Signs To Look For In Men

First Date- The Signs To Look For In Men

Going on a first date with a man always comes with risks. First off, you will not know what to expect to discover. You can either meet someone you connect with or meet someone quite opposite of what you expect. But sometimes, you are not sure about someone the first time you meet him on a date. But there are signs that you can look for that may be possible red flags. Here are some of them.

Your date acts rude to waiters.

A man’s actions can determine his personality, especially how he treats other people. You may feel that your date may be treating you in a special way. But you should also try to see how he treats other during your date. Being rude to waiters may be a telling sign. If you notice that he acts rude towards waiting staff or store personnel, it may be possible that he can act rude to you as well down the line.

He does not respect women.

While some men may be able to hide certain characteristics from their dates, there are certain habits that can sometimes escape that you can take as a sign. Lack of respect for women may not directly involve you during the date. It may be as simple as the man noticing a fat woman going by and making disparaging remarks in a humorous way. It may not mean anything to him, but it can be a potential red flag that your date may not exactly be respectful to women in general.

He is a bad tipper.

You can also tell a lot about a man in the way he tips waiters. If you notice that he does not tip at all, then it may be because he has a selfish side. He may also be cheap and ungenerous. Be careful if you notice that this is a habit. It might be a telling sign of his actual personality that you may not like.

He smokes or does not work out.

During the course of your date, you notice that he smokes and has indicated that he does not engage in regular exercise. It may not exactly be a red flag, but a man who does not take care of his health will tell you that he may be plain lazy, does not care about his health, or he does not care about taking unnecessary risks.


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