Five Types Of Men You Might Be Dating

shutterstock_128641739Going on a date with someone for the first time can be both exciting and tense at the same time. It can be exciting because you get the chance to meet someone with the potential to start a relationship with. It can be tense because you may end up dating someone who ends up the opposite of your ideal man. There are five general types of men that you can meet during one of your dates. Here is a breakdown of those types and what you can expect from them.

Mr. Dependent

You might meet up with a type of guy who greatly depends on someone all the time. He may be a guy that you may feel you need to take care of once you meet him. But it may not always be a good thing. Mr. Dependent may be someone who cannot stand on his own two feet. He may depend on you on almost everything. It gets worse if he relies all his choices and decisions entirely on you. Although this might seem like a privilege, it can also be a burden. Mr. Dependent may rely on you to solve all the problems and take care of all the issues yourself.

Mr. Commitment

Mr. Commitment is a man who is looking for someone for a long-term relationship. He is a man who values relationships and treats women with respect and equality. Mr. Commitment shows the highest level of respect to women among the different men types. He is the type of man you want to meet if you are looking for a long and healthy relationship with the opposite sex.

Mr. Not Ready

Mr. Not Ready is a type of man who goes on dates with women but is not prepared for a relationship. He is someone who usually hangs out with his friends going back from college. Theirs is a group who see women as just a threat to their friendship. They meet women not necessarily to forge relationships, but just to meet their sexual as well as emotional needs.

Mr. Solitary

Mr. Solitary is a type of man who always lives in fear of getting hurt. This may be a result of previous experiences in relationships and human attachments. He feels that he is better off alone just to avoid getting hurt. Although he may be tough on the outside, he might be very fragile emotionally on the inside. Even if he decides to go on dates, he may remain guarded, secretive and find it difficult to open up.

Mr. Sensitive

This is a type of man who understands how a woman feels. He empathizes and feels that he needs to take care of a woman. He puts women on a pedestal. But he also believes that a relationship is a give-and-take agreement. Everything he gives and shows should be reciprocated in the same way. There is mutual respect and with the roles of partners fully defined. But there is a certain fragility to certain aspects of the relationship for Mr. Sensitive. He may also be quite sensitive to whatever disagreements he faces with regards to the arrangement. He will regard the negatives as a threat and may either become defensive or retreat. It is very important to maintain the delicate balance of the relationship with Mr. Sensitive.


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