How Compatible Are you

relationship compatibilityAs there are bad signs, so are positive signals that would make you go further into a relationship with someone. If the following signs happen on your date, then you may consider exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship with your date.

Affection and attention

Someone who displays genuine affection is definitely a keeper. That includes everyday niceties, from opening the car door for you to saying sincere and supportive things about your family and your lifestyle choices.

What really distinguishes character is doing what he says he is going to do, and letting you know if plans change. If he is supposed to meet you at a certain time for a movie date but he is stuck at the office, a phone call to let you know that he will be there twenty or so minutes late (and for him to actually show up by then) is admirable.

Becoming a part of his group

Feeling comfortable and accepted in all of your new guy’s friends is a good sign of compatibility. As you meet his friends, family, and colleagues, take note on how you fit into them. Ask yourself if you feel like you are becoming a part of the group. If not, your relationship can become strained.

Good family relations

The way members of his family communicate with one another can be very telling if the guy is meant for you. What is his relationship with his mother like? How about with his family? His Siblings? How does he treat everyone in general?

If you cannot meet the family right away, pay close attention to what he says about his mother as having loving relationships with the women in his life is always a good sign. It shows he has respect for women and will treat you well.

Enthusiasm about the future

As you look at the road ahead of you, remember that it is not where you are, it is where you are going. Your man may have no money-maybe he is in school or just starting his own business-but he is very optimistic and passionate about his future. This level of enthusiasm is a great sign that you should continue your relationship with him.

Friendship and chemistry

How you are attracted to each other comes and goes in all relationships, and in some cases it may not even arrive until after a friendship has first developed. If you two share just chemistry, your relationship would not last too much. If you want a love that would last a lifetime, you need both friendship and chemistry from your partner.


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