How to Date Safely

dating safetyYou have found your ideal guy, but that doesn’t you should just go all out to be with him. It is best to go forth with caution. Dating is like an unknown road every time you travel on it. No matter how many times you have dated, it always leads to different possibilities and different paths. Consider these following tips if you feel like your guy is "the one."

Trust your gut

Does internal dialogue like "Why didn’t I see it coming," or "I should have known better" sound familiar? It simply means that you tend to internalize things and see failures as your own faults.

You need to quiet such harsh criticisms from yourself and learn to listen to your inner self. Women often have a strong intuitive sense. If you think something is wrong, it probably is. Hone this instinct and you would save yourself some heartbreak.

Tag a friend along on your date

It is smart to bring a healthy dose of skepticism with you on a date. It also helps to bring a trusted girlfriend along too. You may fall head over heals and miss obvious warning signs.

Suggest to your guy for a double date to see if you friend picks up on subtle clues that he may not be the one, like a tone in his voice that shows insincerity, which you may overlook.

Take the road less traveled

Many women approach finding a man through a list of qualifications. However, you will realize that love has nothing to do with his job, hair color, or social status. Consider dating guys that are a little outside your type. If you usually date tall men, go out with a shorter guy.

Say yes to offers that you would normally turn down because it doesn’t interest you. Mix it up and you may be surprised at what you find.


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