Know Your Date By How He Handles A Beer Bottle

shutterstock_149857847Experts will tell you that you can know a guy better by his actions. How he does certain things can give you clues about his personality and traits. On date night, you might want to check out how handles his drink. Here are some of the things that you can interpret from how he handles his favorite beverage.

Holding Beer Bottle Close To His Chest

When a guy holds his beer bottle close to his chest, this will usually indicate that he may be a bit tense.  He may be dreading having to answer serious questions from you. Holding the bottle in front of his body may be similar to building a wall that he doesn’t want to be breached yet. In this case, avoid trying to ask him serious questions. Stick to light-hearted topics for the meantime until he becomes more comfortable.

Grips The Bottle Neck With Fingers

Guys who hold the beer bottle by its neck may indicate someone who has an air of confidence. It may even be on the cocky level, holding the beer bottle in such a way without worrying about spilling or dropping it. He feels comfortable and in total control of the situation.

Playing With The Bottle Label

When you notice your date playing with the beer label on the bottle, he may be feeling a bit nervous and tense. He might be thinking that you are not that interested in him. The through may cause him to fidget a bit, unknowingly playing with the bottle label as one sign. Take note of what is being said while he does this. He may be anxious of what you are talking about as of the moment.

Puts His Drink Near You

Guys may subconsciously place anything they own in front of someone they are thinking about or they plan to get close to. If your date suddenly places his drink in front on you, it indicates that he wants to get closer and bond with you. He is essentially trying to occupy your personal space and intends to get even closer.


Source: Cosmo


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