Learning More About Your Date In Minutes

shutterstock_141917953Women who go out on a date are not just after the fun. They also wish to know more about the guy they are dating. However, the time they spend to do so may be limited. Some women begin to develop a certain image of their date even before they get all the facts in. As a result, many women make the mistake of creating the wrong impression of the guy.

Even if the date only lasts a few hours, women can still learn more about the person they are dating. All it takes is to know what questions to ask and look for signs about his personality. Here are some tips on what to look for to get the answers you need.

What Food He Orders

Men who order the usual type of food is considered dependable and steady. But he might not be someone who likes to take risk. A man who orders exotic food is a guy who likes adventures. He is one who likes to try out new things. But he can also be someone who can get easily bored with routine.

Mode Of Payment

How he pays for the date may also tell something about your date. If he pays in cash, he is independent and can take care of himself. If he prefers to pay using credit card, he is someone who craves for status. He is confident and likes to show it off a bit. If he doesn’t have the money and lets you pay instead, then you have someone who depends on others to get by in life. If it is a habit, he may also be lacking in ambition.

What Sport He Likes

The type of sport the guy engages in may also tell something about his personality. If he is an avid fan of or likes to play team sports, then is can be quite competitive and likes the company of other people. But if he prefers solo sports such as swimming or running, then he values his independence. He likes to spend a lot of time alone to gather his thoughts. He prefers a quiet environment as well.

His Bad Habits

A guy’s bad habits can also tell you about his personality. If he smokes, he may be the anxious type. If he is a drinker, he may be someone who tries to hide behind his insecurities on the booze. He may tend to block things out if they become too overwhelming. If he is a gambler, then the guy is a risk taker. He is also full of optimism, which can sometimes go overboard.

Interpret With Care

These signs may help indicate a part of the personality of someone you are dating. However, it does not always tell the whole story about the man. You need to look for deeper clues in order to understand your date better. You need to spend more time or further dates with him if he is someone that you find interesting and to whom you seem to gravitate towards.



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