OnWatch, Your Personal Dating Safety App

OnWatchGoing on a date with someone you just met can be exciting. A blind date can even be more so. But despite all that excitement you feel, it is also important that you need to feel safe. There are now many cases of violence happening on dates. Going alone on a first date can put you on that same risk. That is why it is important that you let your friend know where you are going and who are you meeting with. You can also use technology to help provide you with a safety net when you do need to go out on a date on your own. You can upload the OnWatch App on your smartphone to give you that added safety feature.

The OnWatch Personal Safety App is primarily designed for college students who, according to statistics, are prone to sexual assaults. However, this personal safety app provides a means for all women, not just college students, to have a convenient way to call for help when they are in a compromising situation. It provides convenient features that will allow you to contact your friends or family members when you sense that something is not right. This will prove very useful on your first date.

You can easily launch the OnWatch app on your smartphone with just two taps on the screen. It will give you options on whom to contact on an emergency- 911, the campus police for college students or selected friends. You can also send a customized message to them via email or text aside from voice calls. The OnWatch app also comes with a timer mode that you can set to automatically send a customized message to selected friends or family members. When the timer expires, it will provide you with an alert to remind you. If you do not respond to the alert to reset it, the app will assume that you are in some type of trouble and will go through with sending the customized message to friends that you selected beforehand. This is especially helpful if you go out for a stroll at night. Setting the timer to the time when you expect to be home will ensure that some people can be properly alerted in case you do not get back at the proper time.

The message that the app will send will include not only a text message but also a GPS data of your current location. This way, your friends or the authorities will know your location right away after receiving the alert message. The app can also make use of your smartphone as an alerting device. Once a set timer expires users can choose to have the smartphone flashlight turn on or have an alarm sound go off. The OnWatch Personal Safety app is available for free download for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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