Qualities Men Want In a Wife

couple smilingWhen men try to find someone to start a long term relationship with, they look upon certain qualities that they find attractive in women. It happens that there are certain qualities in women that men in general try to look for. Here are some of the qualities and traits that most men try to look for when looking for not just someone to start a relationship with, but also to marry someday.

Man Seeking A Partner To Love

Contrary to what most women may believe, men actually look for women who they can love as well as be loved in return. Men also want to experience the feeling of being loved.

Sure, women might find that men seems to have sex on their minds all the time. But the essence of finding someone to marry, for a man, is essentially a woman who can love them and that they can love back.


This is probably a common quality that even women have in their own list. Attractiveness ranks high in a man’s list of qualities to look for in a woman, more so for someone that he intends to marry. But aside from the physical attractiveness, men also try to look for that something special, a kind of attractiveness that is unique.

Men do not necessarily look for that model looks but instead look for women that tries to take good care of their appearance. After all, attractiveness can also be a mindset and men can easily hang on to that.

Honest and Trustworthy

Just like most women, men also try to look for women of the marrying kind who can be trusted. They want to marry women that they can trust, someone that can be honest enough and faithful. Some men can be pretty insecure. That is why they always look for a woman that they can trust and be honest with them.

Supportive Women

Men also want to look for a woman who can be the supportive type. They don’t want someone to compete with, much less someone who clashes with their every move. For someone to marry, a man wants a woman who can be there for them as a means of support for whatever dreams and plans he has.

Sense of Humor

Interestingly enough, men also look for this trait in women. Most men actually want women who can make them laugh. They look for a woman who do not take things to seriously and can share a laugh or two and not be too sensitive about it.

Such traits are just a few of what men look for in women that they intend to marry someday. There are many other traits that men would look for and try to capture the sparks in case they have the chance to find such a woman.


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  1. They say love is unconditional.However,why shd u consider such qualities

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