Signs Marriage Is Not In The Plans Of Your Guy

Signs Marriage Is Not In The Plans Of Your Guy

Women yearn to have a relationship that matters when they hook up with guys. Most would wish for a long-term relationship that fortunately will end up in marriage. But there are some guys who do not feel that marriage is part of their plan. They do not usually make this obvious in the early stage of the relationship. But if you want to know early on if your guy is into a serious relationship, here are some signs to look for.

Inconsistent Communication

There are times when your boyfriend calls you often or sends you text messages. Then there are times when you cannot even contact him at all. If he is inconsistent in the communication department, it may be a sign that he may have other women on the side. It may be his way of time management to

Secluded Romantic Dates

Some women may find dates with just the two of you very romantic. It seems that your guy does just that most of the time. You fall for him because he wants to spend the date alone with you every time you meet. But not to play down all your romantic thoughts, this type of dating may not always be about romance and love. Sometimes, guys do this to avoid being caught. They try to isolate your dates so that there is no risk of his other dates finding out about you or vice versa. If you wish to test this out, try asking him to date one of these days in a crowded place. If he immediately rejects the idea, then there must be something fishy going on. You may not be his only relationship. You need to find out more.

Man Of Mystery

You might like him because he is so mysterious. When you look at his online social network page, you do not see photos, messages or anything else about you. You do not know his friends or family. He even doesn’t introduce you to a colleague at work. All these might be a sign that he doesn’t want others to know about you. He might be keeping you as his secret. It may not be a good sign if you are expecting your relationship to get to the next step.

Calls Former Girlfriends “Crazy”

It may make you feel special if you hear him call all his exes crazy or out of their minds. But there is something that you should consider. If he is consistent with calling his past relationships as crazy women, then there might be something in common here. He might not be planning to keep a relationship for long. When the relationship is getting serious, then he lets a girl go, then calling her “crazy”. Men who are looking for relationships at least give their exes a certain level of respect despite of what happened.


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