Signs That It Is A Date

Signs That It Is A Date

Some women may start to have doubts if a male colleague or a friend asks them out. Some women may simply think of it as friends hanging out. But some men may have other things in mind. There are instances when men do not directly ask women out and that it is actually a date. This can confuse a lot of women. Here are some signs for women to tell whether they are actually on a date or not.

It is only the two of you.

When friends usually hang out, they usually go out as a group with other friends. However, if you are asked by a male colleague to go hang out somewhere and it turns out to be just the two of you, then chances are that he thinks of it as a date. But there are more signs that you should still be looking out for other than going out as a pair. Other signs can help confirm your suspicions of being in a date.

You feel his nerves when you go out.

One thing you can be sure that there is more to going out with a friend or colleague if he feels more nervous than usual. If he feels a bit shaky when holding your hand or when talking to you, it may mean that your meet-up is something more than a friendly hang out.

There is a sudden change in his fashion sense.

You are familiar with him being a t-shirt and jeans guy. But then, you notice that be is now wearing more fashionable and smells good whenever you hang out with him. It may be another sign that he is trying to impress you. Men who do this are usually the ones who are trying to win a woman’s heart.

There is no talk about other women.

When men try to hang out with women, conversations about other women usually come out. Some men may want to gather insights from a woman perspective on certain things, most especially about women. But if there is no talk about women during your conversation, then he might be trying to be careful of making you avoid feeling insecure in some way.

He insists on paying the bill.

When friends go out, they usually share the bill. If your friend insists on paying for it this time, there might be something special going on. It may be a sign that your friend it expecting your meet ups as more than just a simple hang out with a friend.


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