Signs That You Are Getting Friend Zoned

shutterstock_150806027Meeting people with romantic intentions is always a challenge. Despite all the things you have done right, there is always this risk of getting friend zoned. It is a term to denote a one-sided situation where someone who is expecting love and romance to a particular person end up being considered as a friend. When one professes love to someone but with the other only offering friendship, then he or she has been friend zoned.

Most people do not like to be friend zoned. But it is one of those risks that people may need to expect. The best that they can do is to know the signs if they are on the verge of getting friend zoned. Here are some signs to look out for.

You get text messages instead of calls.

When you like someone, you tend to miss hearing his or her voice all the time. You would prefer calling them most of the time. But if he or she prefers to send you text messages instead, you might be in the midst of being friend zoned. He or she may not see you as meaningful enough to warrant calling when the need arises.

He or she prefers group dates.

You have been going out a number of times already. You expected that the date will be getting more intimate with each meeting. But the opposite happens. He or she prefers going out with you along with your friends. The idea of a group date becomes more appealing and fun for your companion rather than spending the time alone with you. It may be a sign that your date sees you as just one of the boys, or girls for that matter. You may be in the process of being friend zoned.

There is no developing intimacy with each date.

When you expect romance to come out of your date, you should be able to notice its development into something more special with each meeting. A certain level of intimacy develops. Even better, you sense some sexual tension developing in the air every time you meet up. But when the date goes from fun to more fun and nothing more than fun, then something may be amiss. Your date may enjoy your company but not into something that requires the level of intimacy of a romantic relationship. Be prepared to be friend zoned.

Your date doesn’t make a move even several dates after.

You have already been dating someone you really like for some time now. You like how things are moving so far. You expect that your guy date will be making a move any time soon. But as the wait lengthens, you begin to wonder. By the tenth meeting, you still are in the same situation as when you first started meeting. The main reason may be that your date may not see you as a romantic partner. He sees you as a friend he can trust and share his thoughts with. By the time you see this sign, you should already have an idea that you are being friend zoned.


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