Signs Your Date May Be A Cheater

Signs Your Date May Be A Cheater

Getting a date may be exciting for most people. However, there is always that sense of the unknown at the back of one’s mind how the date will come out. At first glance, a date may all be fine. He may be someone that you have been looking for all your life. But despite all this, there are these questions whether he really is. For all you know, he might be a cheater.

There are guys who are quite masters at cheating. They are a lot of them scattered on the dating scene who are just trying to lure unsuspecting women to satisfy their needs. Good for them if they are successful. Bad for the women who fall prey to their charms and advances. Before you get to make yourself into one of their victims, here are some signs to indicate that your date may be a cheater.

He is the suspicious kind.

Cheaters know the risk of getting caught. That is why they are careful. They find it exciting to be doing something risky and are good at it. But one thing they do not want is the same thing happening to them. They do not want to be cheated on, however ironic it might be. That is why most cheaters may also be suspicious people. They are not easily trusting, having the idea that what they are doing might also happen to them. If you are dating a man who seems suspicious about what you are doing all the time, it might not just be jealousy. It may be a sign of a cheater.

He is mysterious in his ways.

Women sometimes like men who are a bit mysterious. They like a guy who surprises them with all the right things. But then there is also the mysterious kind who tries to keep everything muddled up in a way. You might be dating a man for some time now but do not seem to know anything about him. Even after several months, you feel like you are dating a secret agent, with every information coming at a price. For a guy this mysterious, something may be amiss. There might be something he is hiding from you. No matter how exciting it may be, a man of mystery is someone you should be wary of. He might be a cheater.

He is very secretive about his personal life.

In line with the above tip, there are men who like to have some privacy. You may have a date who is charming and fun to be with. You like to be with him and feel this connection between the two of you. But then, when you try asking more personal questions, your date seems to feel distant and evasive. You may feel that you are too intrusive or that he is just a very private person. But you should also be careful. Chances are, men who are secretive, especially about their personal lives, may actually be cheaters. It is not that they do not want you to intrude on their life. They are just preventing you from finding out.

He easily makes friends with other women.

It may be ironic to date a man who is private and yet seems to be quite easy-going and comfortable with other women. When you talk about your lives, it seems that he is reluctant to share anything meaningful with you. In your mind, it may indicate that he is a private person. But then again, you notice that he seems friendly and connects easily with other women. It may be an indication that he may be a cheater.

Considering all these signs should give you enough to suspect a cheater. But sometimes catching only one of the signs in a guy may not automatically indicate that he may be cheating. You may need to look for more clues. Try to do more observations about your date before you finally decide that he may not be the man for you.



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