Signs Your Date Wants To Kiss You

shutterstock_138867176You are on a date with a guy for some time now. You feel this connection developing. But then you are on that awkward stage of knowing whether the feeling is mutual. One thing that will eventually answer your question is with a kiss. Some guys will not tell you outright what they feel. They sometimes will just show it with a kiss. But how do you know if the guy wants to kiss you? Here are some signs to look out for.

He cannot stay still.

For some reason, you notice your date becoming a bit restless. He seems to be uncomfortable and cannot stay still. There can be a number of reasons for this. One is that he may be planning to get closer to you for a kiss but he feels a bit tense, not knowing how to actually go about doing it without offending you. Restlessness is just one sign if your date is planning to kiss you. Try to look for other signs to confirm your suspicions.

He is quiet all of a sudden.

Here you are making good conversation and laughing with your date at the dinner table. Suddenly, you notice be becomes quiet. He may actually be preparing to kiss you. Actually, he might be trying to work up the nerve to do the deed. He is trying to psych himself out at this point. Do not bother filling up those momentary bits of silence with talk. Just smile and let him start the conversation again. Give him time to build up some courage if you are expecting the kiss.

Observe the mouth.

Another way to determine if kissing in on the guy’s agenda for the date is if he is giving more and more attention to his mouth. You see him popping breath mints several times on the date and not just during or after dinner. He might even offer you one. He’s taking out the Chapstick and applies it on his lips. All these will show that he may be planning to plant a kiss on you. Be ready.

He’s observing your lips.

During your conversations, he suddenly compliments you on your lips. You notice him eyeing it repeatedly. Chances are, he is attracted to your lips and is planning to place a kiss on it when the opportunity comes. He is just trying to build up some courage to do just that.

He is increasing physical contact.

During the early stages of the date, you observe the guy getting closer and closer to you. You feel an occasional touch on your arm. Then it progresses to a hand on your shoulders. You notice him putting his hands on your waist as you two are walking. When he can no longer keep his hands off you in the subtlest of ways, he may be testing the waters. He is trying to determine if getting closer to you will offend you. He wants to check if you will welcome the added closeness and physical contact. If he gets the right signs, he may be moving on to kissing you.


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