Signs Your Date Will Not Be Back

Signs Your Date Will Not Be Back

Going on dates may be fun and exciting. However, the next days after that can become a concern for some women. Did he like me? Did he enjoy my company? Will there be a next time? These questions usually follow some women the days after their date. There are ways to know whether the guy likes you or not, even when they do not say it outright. Here are some of the signs your date will not be back.

He is always busy when you invite him to meet.
Sure, most of us are busy with our jobs and other things. But no one can be busy enough not to meet someone they like. Guys who do will find time or go out of their way to meet with someone they are interested in. It can be quite frustrating trying to go out with people who always say they are always busy with other things. It is a clear sign that he is not interested in you.

Contacting you take quite a long time in between.
Some guys are just good in disappearing when they do not like you that much. It all starts with how they handle their communication with you. At the initial stages, it may be quite often that they try to call or send text messages to you. Over time, the calls and the texts go fewer and fewer. You begin to wonder if he is just busy at work. But that is actually a sign that the buy may want to start keeping a distance between you and starting a serious relationship. Sure, some guys will try contacting you when they feel like it or when they feel alone and needed some company. But rest assured, these guys will never be there for you in the long run. You are just convenient company for them.

He often agrees to meet up but then cancels at the last minute.
There are guys that simply want to keep you nearby for their convenience but at a certain distance. They do not want you to ignore them but they do not want to get into a serious relationship either. There are guys that try to leave you hanging on to some hope by trying to agree to meet up sometime. But then at the last minute, they suddenly change plans and cancel it. It can be quite frustrating and it should show you just how interested the guy is with you. It shows the level of enthusiasm he may have with regards to meeting up with you. That alone will tell you that such guys are not worth holding on to since they will not be back any time soon.

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