Telltale Signs Of A Loser

shutterstock_122181766Many women yearn to have that ideal relationship. But there are times when they end up getting into a nightmare relationship instead. They get into a relationship with a loser. Now, there are instances when women can be blinded by love and romance that they fail to see the signs that they are seeing a guy holding up an imaginary “Loser” sign. But once that blinders are off, reality sets in while frustration and regret follows. In order to avoid getting into such a predicament, women should learn how to spot a loser by looking out for the following signs.

He has anger issues.

You met someone you think is a great date. But then, you begin to notice that he seems to shout at people overtaking him while driving. He seems to shout obscenities and throw things around when his favorite team loses a critical game. You then realize that he has a short fuse. This type of loser may be the most difficult one to live with since he might turn his anger on you. You are better off not being with someone who seems to be angry at just about everything.

He is a control freak.

You are going out with a guy who likes to know how you spent your day and where you went. It may sound so romantic until, he asks for your phone number at home and at the office and tries to call you often “to check up on you”. He then begins to ask you to focus only on him. He forbids you from going out with friends. He schedules your dates and where you meet up. He even checks up on you online too often for comfort. Chances are, you are dating a control freak. He wants you all for himself and likes to keep it that way. Better break off with this loser or you end up becoming one in the end.

He always puts you down.

Whenever something happens, you end up getting the blame. It is always your fault, date did not go well. You made it rain. You made him angry, sad or embarrassed. Whatever it is, it is always your fault. You do not seem to do anything right with this guy. If this is happening to you, then you are definitely going out with a loser who thinks of himself as the superior guy and you as the inferior one. You do not have to take the blame for everything that happens to this loser. You do not have to live with all the put downs and insults from this loser. You know better.

He is too charming for comfort.

There are men who are genuinely charming and there are others who are deceptively so. If your guy is the latter, then you should be aware that he is a loser. He usually uses his charm to meet certain devious ends. You end up being used and manipulated if you are charmed into his ways.


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