Telltale Signs You Are Dating A Married Man

Relationships can be tricky. For women, they may unknowingly be dating someone who turns out to be married. While getting into a relationship is what women ultimately want, they need to be more careful. They need to make sure that they are getting into a relationship with the right person, not a married man. It all starts on the first meeting. Here are some things to look for to discover whether you are dating a married man.

He has an indentation or tan line on his ring finger.

When you first meet a date, try to check his ring finger. If you see an indentation or tan line, it may indicate that he may be wearing a wedding ring for a long time. Removing the ring may help hide the fact that he is married. However, the ring marks may still be there for you to notice. Of course, he might be wearing something other than a wedding ring. But it is something that you need to bear in mind and check out further later on.

He pays in cash.

Another clue that may indicate that you are dating a married man is if he always pays in cash during your dates. Using credit cards can cause a paper trail. A married man will avoid this by paying in cash.

He uses two phones and gives you only the phone number on the other one.

A married man will try to separate his real life from his secret life. He does not one to confuse one with the other. That is the reason why some married men use two phones. They reserve the one for family and the other one for the secret life they lead. If he gives you one phone number and refuses to give you the other one, then chances are that he may be married.

You cannot contact him anytime.

This next sign may be confirmation to the previous sign that you are dating a married man. If he gives you his phone number and he gives you a schedule on when to call or send a text message, chances are that he is with family beyond the scheduled times. He wants you to contact him at a time when he feels safe that he will not be discovered.

He is not available on the weekends.

If you become aware that your dates seem to be always on weekdays and never on the weekends, then there might be something funny going on. A married man will usually have the weekends spent with the family. That is the reason that he is not available. It may also be a telltale sign that you are dating a married man.

You do not know any of his friends.

You may have been dating for several months now and you notice that you still do not know any of his friends. You mention it to him but he evades the topic or tells you that they are busy. He reason for doing so is that he does not want them to know about you. Introducing you to them might complicate matters.


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