The Truth Behind Sensitive Men

The word "manly" connotes the strong and silent type of man. Indeed. Strong, silent, and… Unfeeling? Impersonal? Detached? We can put different labels on the insentient, devoid of feeling, if you’re not familiar with the word,  nature of men, but the fact that the typical Adonis grew up in a culture that forbids them to "put their heart on their sleeves" is already a given.

The societal norm dictates that young boys should be raised while constantly chasing them with a yardstick. They are not allowed to show their emotions, to show signs of weakness. They ought to be successful individuals. Powerful, assertive, and with a compelling personal. This is how men are commonly brought up.

So how come some men are sensitive? How come some men are so in touch with their emotions? The answer to this question lies in what professional astrologer Jeffrey Kishner calls the astrology of feeling.

The astrology of feeling concerns the twelve signs of the zodiac and explains why some men allow themselves to be at the mercy of their own emotions. In this concept, the twelve signs of the zodiac are broken down into four basic elements, namely:

(1) Earth
(2) Air
(3) Fire
(4) water

The Earth Sign Man is the sensible, dependable type, the Air Sign Man is the intellectual type, the Fire Sign man is the outgoing type.

Then there’s the Water Sign Man, which is a class all its own.

The Water Sign Man is the perfect epitome of the sensitive type of man who allows their emotions to rule their lives. These men are those who are under the zodiac signs Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

But because society somewhat finds a correlation between emotional men and homosexual tendencies, the Water Sign Men shields shield themselves from the condemnation of the public by trying to hold their feelings and keeping these strong feelings at bay.

Women may want the classic male-with all the macho attitude and all. Or they can appreciate those with the softer side to a greater extent. In the long run, a man’s ability to rise above his emotions or to let his emotions take over his life is not the issue that should be considered. Rather, the more important thing is whether his emotions are sincere and his intentions are good.



  1. actually, I dont like sensitive men or those who are so practical and weigh everything with reason and don’t let their emotions show.. my perfect guy will be something in between.. he uses his intellect and not afraid to show his emotions… he knows how important his emotions are and that we need reason to be able to take decisions!

  2. what about the air sign?

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