The Wrong Reasons For Building A Relationship

The Wrong Reasons For Building A Relationship

Some women may just consider a date as a way to meet up with guys. Some are more serious, trying to find Mr. Right. While the first stages of dating someone may be considered as a casual meeting or introduction between two people, the search for the ideal partner may already be on its early phase.

There comes a time when women will realize that they are now ready to start a relationship. But some women may be a bit confused regarding their reasons for developing a romantic relationship with a guy. Here are some of the wrong reasons to always avoid.

You hate being alone.

Being lonely is not enough reason just to start a relationship with a guy. Even if you do, you will realize that a relationship will come with added responsibilities that will sometimes make you miss your “alone” time. Think carefully whether you want to be in a relationship just to have someone beside you. You might end up not liking the one you choose.

Your date is rich.

Some women want to get into a relationship with a guy who can buy them what they want. It can be such an opportunistic reason that may not stand the test of time. A relationship that starts with money may not always be a happy one. Guys who shower women they pursue with money to get them are only looking for someone they can manipulate. Women who are attracted to rich guys are not always after love or the relationship. Money, even lots of it, is not a good reason to start a relationship.

Everyone you know likes him.

Some women are easily convinced to act based on what others say. That is why there are women who start relationships with a person based on how friends or family members like him. This can be a mistake. A relationship should be based on what you think about the person and not what others think. It should be because of your own feelings about the person. Try not to let others dictate what you should do when it comes to starting a relationship. You can ask for feedback, but do not let it drive you on making the final decision.

You are embarrassed by still being single.

Some women may get frustrated of still being single after all this time. They begin to feel embarrassed when someone asks them why they are still single. They try to avoid further embarrassment by getting into just any relationship. This can be a grave mistake. Relationships should not be driven by trying to escape a current predicament.

You need someone to complete you.

Some women may feel incomplete in life. But it should not be because they need someone in their lives to complete it for them. To feel whole again, women may need to do something fulfilling in their life, not trying to find someone. Women should need to feel complete alone as by being together with someone else. But their relationship should not be the only reason that will make them complete as a person.


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