Things Men First Notice In Women During Dates

shutterstock_150165770When it comes to first dates, first impressions matter a lot. Women do their best to make the best impression during the first meeting. Knowing what attracts most men first may help a lot in creating that good first impression. Here are some of the things that women should know about when it comes to what guys may notice first.

Nice Body

Men are first attracted to a woman by their physical profile. A good body is what most men notice first during that first meeting. If you are blessed with a sexy body that is to die for, then you already have the advantage. But that is not just what most men look for during that first date.

Cute Face

Facial features also matter for most men. Pretty girls always get the most attention out of most guys. Some guys even notice the cute face first before they notice the body. But both are usually on top of what most guys notice first on women they first meet.

Fashion Sense

This is where some guys may differ. What a woman wears to the date can also have a distinct impression on men. It may differ, depending on a guy’s fashion tastes and preferences. There are others who likes women wearing sexy outfits while there are others who may find it too revealing or too much on the first date. Depending on what they guy likes, the way you dress may also affect the impression that you create.

Voice Level And Mannerisms

One of the first things that many men also notice on many women is the way they talk. Do you talk in a loud voice? Guys may find it annoying, especially if you talk with an obvious lack of manners. Guys may even notice the type of English language you use to speak with and it will matter a lot in the impression they make of you. But in general, guys do not like girls who either talk too much or too loud.


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