Things That Turn Men Off

men turn offsIn contrast to knowing what men want, you should also be aware of what qualities that makes men turn-off towards women. Avoid the following circumstances:

Getting drunk – The society may accept men getting drunk, but not women. Looking at it, drunk women are not sexy.

Discussing your health problems – Most men have no idea how your body works, and telling them about your menstrual cramps may make them feel uncomfortable.

Making negative comments about men in general – Quotes like “All men are pigs” or “The only good men in the world are either married or gay” would surely have men’s ears blaring.

A “business-like” attitude – We agree that women can achieve more than men, even in the field of business. However, this professional yet snobbish attitude should not be imposed when you are dating around with men. Remember that men have insecurities, and an overpowering female would not help at all.

Talking about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend – Past is past. Your relationship is all about “now,” not “then.” Avoid comparing your present relationship with your previous ones either.

Talking extensively about yourself – Women talk more than men and it’s usually about themselves. You can talk endlessly with your girl friends, but not with men. When talking, make sure that you still show your interest in him.

Asking too many questions – Remember that this is a date, not a job interview. Start with a question, he answers with his opinion, then answer with your opinion. One-sided conversations may lead a man to boredom.

Dressing inappropriately – You can dress sexily, but there is a huge difference between sexy and sleazy. For instance, you can wear short skirts, but do not pair it with knee-high boots. Dressing up like a sidewalk prostitute would not make men take you seriously.

Applying too much make-up – Most men would rather see your “natural beauty” than your “clowned-up beauty.”

Being materialistic – Talking to men about shopping or your favorite shoes may give a wrong impression that you are selfish when it comes to relationships.


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