Things That Turn Off Guys Women Should Know About

shutterstock_151154033Women have many qualities that attract men. But at the same time, some things can also turn them off. While many women try to  avoid them, there are certain things that many tend to overlook. Here are some of the things that turn off the guys and women should know about.

Too Much Perfume

Although smelling good may be an instant turn on for many men, too much of it can have the opposite effect. An overwhelming smell of perfume can turn off many men. Be careful that you always keep it light. Spray perfume only to provide that hint of a scent. Do not spray too much that men smell of your perfume after a date. It can be quite a turn off.

Being Easy To Get

Some women can be quite desperate to get into a relationship with a guy. They try to make it easy and spare giving the guys a hard time. Little do women know that it can be a turn off. Guys love the challenge of winning a woman over. Without that, they do not see any sense of accomplishment and may think of easy-to-get women as someone not to take that seriously.

Too Much Of A Control Freak

There are times when strong women like to take control of any situation. When it comes to dating, some may try to make all the decisions and plan how the date is going to proceed. Being overbearing can be a serious turn off for men. It is okay for women to be assertive during dates. But when men sense that they are being controlled, then it becomes a turn off.


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