Tips For Women: How To Avoid Getting Friend Zoned

shutterstock_99094832Women looking for love and romance may sometimes face a lot of challenges along the way. One of them is the possibility of getting friend zoned. Some women expect guys they go out with to share the same romantic feelings as they do. But unfortunately, some guys see nothing more than just friendship. It turns out that they just liked the company. This is when the women get friend zoned.

Sometimes, women who get friend zoned may not start out that way. Sometimes, guys may have genuine romantic feelings on the first meeting. It is how some women tend to act in front of the guys that may change that impression. This is how some women get friend zoned. If you wish to prevent that from happening to you, here are some tips that you may want to consider.

Play hard to get.

Bear in mind that for most guys, it is always about getting the girl.  The hunt is just an important as the prize. Many guys like the challenge of going through the rituals of finding a mate. The more challenges they face, the more they put value on the women.

With this in mind, try to play with a man’s ego by being the hard-to-get type. Do make yourself always available for his every whim. Some women may feel that the longer the time they spend with guys, the easier it will be for them to realize their romantic feelings for each other. But this rarely happens in real life. Women will be more successful in capturing the man’s heart by playing hard to get. Women become more interesting in the eyes of men when they are not that easy to get. You need to let the guys work for your attention rather than the other way around

Take it easy on your goofiness.

Some women consider their goofiness as an attractive trait. It adds to their sense of humor if they act clumsy once in a while. But this can also make you become one of the boys. You increase your risk of being friend zoned by your ideal guy if you keep your goofiness level up. Guys have a particular image of their ideal woman. Goofiness is not always on top of the list. Try to act more ladylike and lessen on the clumsiness if you wish to avoid getting friend zoned.

Use more close physical interactions.

One way to avoid getting friend zoned is by getting more physical with your interactions with the guy. Try getting close to him and send him signals that you like him by using more physical contact. For starters, try brushing your hand on his arm as a playful reaction when you are in a conversation. Try initiating some contact by putting your hand on his back. You can also try to rest your head on his shoulders once in a while. Give him a kiss every time you say hello or bid goodbye. If he begins to reciprocate some of your touches, then you are getting somewhere. You are on your way from avoiding the friend zone.

Play the jealousy game on him.

You can also try to increase your level of appeal by trying to make your ideal man feel jealous once in a while. Try to create a situation where you try to make him become more eager for your attention. When he is nearby, try talking to some guy friends or spend some time talking with the girls. Create a scenario that will make him feel that your attention is not always centered on him. Realizing that he cannot always have your time and attention will make him become more eager to get it. You will become all the more irresistible in his eyes. This will help you avoid getting friend zoned.


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