Types of Women Men Avoid

women men avoidLove can be quite an interesting topic between men and women. People may confuse love with attraction and vice versa. But with love, sometimes attraction may come first. Love may seem to grow with attraction to the opposite sex. But that doesn’t quite work like that most of the time.

Attraction is important for most people when it comes to starting relationships with the opposite sex. The first thing that attracts men usually comes in the physical sense.

How a woman looks may definitely be used by most men as a means to determine how attracted they are to females. But there are also types of women that men try to avoid.

In general (although not all men may agree), here are some of the women types that men tend to avoid, especially when on the dating scene.

The Smart and Assertive Type

Most men would like to know women who can carry themselves through a conversation. It require women to have that certain level of intelligence and smarts that men can find attractive. But there is a type of smart woman that men may tend not to be in company with. And that is the smart and assertive type. Sure men would like women who are articulate.

But men tend to be turned off by smart women who try to stay above the rest by being her assertive self. When both meet, it would usually seem to be a power struggle other than just having normal conversation. That may be the reason why most men tend to avoid the smart and assertive types.

Gold Diggers

Not much to explain here other than what the term implies. Men generally do not like women who like them other than their charms and charisma. Most men, just like women, yearn to know someone who would like or love them for who they are.

But this might be a bit confusing since the wooing portion of every relationship starts off with men trying to show women how special they are. And this usually involves spending money on them to let them know that they are special.

But doing so may confuse men as to what women may like them for who they are and not because of how much they spend on them.

In the dating scene, the gold digger is one of those women that men try to avoid. And there is one among many other ways that men can detect them from the crowd. They are usually the women who hands out an order for an expensive drink to a man they just met. 

The Insecure and Jealous Type

Another type of woman that men try to avoid is the insecure and jealous type. These types are the ones who just about feel the need to call men every minute of the day.

These are the women that do not seem at ease if they lost contact with their men even for an hour. They are the ones who seem to question every thing and connect it to other women in particular.

The insecure and jealous type usually make sure that a man never fails to know that she exist by reminding him as often as she can.

This is the type of woman that can very easily disrupt a man’s normal balance aside from his peace of mind. That is why most men try to avoid women of such types.



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