Understanding Your Boyfriend Better

shutterstock_132524279Many women sometimes feel that they do not understand their boyfriends. While some may say that they do understand them totally, certain situations will make them realize that they don’t. It can be frustrating for both parties. But women can do better in order to understand their boyfriends. Here are some of the tips.

Don’t rush it.

One of the mistakes that women make trying to understand their partners is by rushing everything. There are times with their boyfriends may not yet be as open as women may expect, especially during the beginning stage of the relationship. Women should try to take it slowly to build their boyfriend’s trust and not to force or rush anything.

Try to ask logical questions.

Once you have build that level of trust with your boyfriend, he will open up to you slowly by slowly. But then you still need to be careful with the questions you ask, especially with regards to sensitive subjects. At best, try to design your questioning in a logical manner. Avoid jumping in from one subject matter to another. It will only create confusion and misunderstanding. Try to craft your questions based on the answers you get as well as on the previous question you asked. This will help provide a logical stream of thought that your boyfriend can easily follow and understand.

Listen well while he is talking.

If you wish to understand your boyfriend better, try to listen more closely to what he says. It is easy for many women to be so busy that they fail to understand what their boyfriends are really saying. It is important to note that men are not really comfortable with sharing or opening up with their emotions. They try to show it instead, in hopes that the women will be able to get what they mean. That is why when your boyfriend talks about something that is very important to him, try to listen well to what he is saying.

Timing is everything.

If you wish to understand your boyfriend, you need to schedule your conversations at the right time. There are times when he may be uncomfortable talking to you about a sensitive subject. You need to determine the right time to do so. You can always ask him first if it is okay for him. If not, then you should try to respect his side and ask it on another day, or until he really opens up to you.


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